The Labor Rights Law Was The Weapon Used By Irs Against Álvaro Noboa

In a recent communication to the country, entitled, “NOW, THEN! AN UNMASKED IRS AGAINST ÁLVARO NOBOA!” the legal representatives of Bananera Noboa indicated that, on September 27, 2012, the IRS had annulled all the actions it had illegally undertaken against the business – embargos, repossession of goods – BECAUSE IT HAD WAITED UNTIL THE LAW IN DEFENSE OF LABOR RIGHTS (LODDLA), PUBISHED THE DAY BEFORE IN THE OFFICIAL REGISTER, CAME INTO EFFECT.

The IRS’s aim was to, “To make political use of the law, for which purpose it was established, and in that way it could be drawn into the demand for payment against Álvaro Noboa.

The communication highlights that “in making it public knowledge” that Noboa is the owner of what, in reality, he isn’t, the IRS, using this law, committed  the outrages which are now public knowledge, as well as prohibited Álvaro Noboa, a presidential candidate, free movement throughout Ecuadorian territory.

The new demand for payment, the communication reports, is as unconstitutional and illegal as the one annulled, as is being proven in the document of exceptions. Finally, they give WARNING to all members of productive society in Ecuador that with this law, the State will seize goods whenever it feels like; the only requirement being the establishment of a debt to bring on embargos, repossessions, non-existent associations, etc.