Alvaro Noboa Ecuadorian Businessman Leader of Political Party PRIAN Onward Ecuador Onward! Social Responsibility to the Poorest in the Country

Alvaro Noboa Ecuadorian Businessman

Leader of Political Party PRIAN

Leader Focused on Social Development in Ecuador

Social Responsibility to the Poorest in the Country

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Ecuadorians; With God, I want to make it clear that I have accepted the Ecuadorians’ request to run for president of Ecuador, in view of the crisis that the country is going through. But it...

ALVARO NOBOA / Recommendations

With God. Ecuadorians, The New Humanity Crusade (Cruzada Nueva Humanidad) will continue to provide free medical care and free medicine in all the provinces of Ecuador as it has done in the last 22 years....

Álvaro Noboa to the Country

With God Ecuadorians at the request of more than 52% of the population of Ecuador, I decided to run for president of our country. I did it seeing the terrible crisis that is happening, seeing...

Ecuadorians, let’s not get robbed

Ecuadorians, with God. We are already “up to the marimbas timbas” who violate our rights and steal their vote from the poor, which, in addition to a cane house and a television, is the only...

28/5000 Stay strong Ecuadorian!

It is my obligation as a leader of the poor in Ecuador, to keep them informed to prevent them from stealing more than they have already stolen from them. The usual politicians, among them, those...

Ecuadorians, citizens of the world

Ecuadorians, citizens of the world, Alert, we should be aleart because they are breaking democracy in our country! The plenary session of the National Electoral Council has summoned for today at 8 o’clock at night...


Ecuadorians, citizens of the world. I am going to tell you the story of everything that the poor suffer, victims of politicians. And I’m going to tell you my personal story, a rich man who...

Do you want to be an Assemblyman?

The next Assembly, that is, that of 2021 must have the best minds in the country, for this our party will interview any citizen who wants to be interviewed and must bring the curriculum for...