Vizueta: “The processes just started”

On Tuesday January 14, the representatives of Bananera Noboa and the attorneys that sponsor the case followed by the Internal Revenue Service (SRI, for its Spanish acronym), carried out a press conference in which they dealt with some declarations made by the national director of the SRI, Carlos Marx Carrasco, regarding the collection process.

Juan Vizueta, Doctor in Law, pointed out that he does not trust the Ecuadorian justice because there are still “violations of process, constitutional violations that have been present during the whole process”, however, he assured that he trusts “the actions carried out before international bodies and mainly before the Inter-American Commission  of Human Rights, which are actions that are being developed currently and this week they have requested documentation from us to place on record, all these constitutional violations.”

“For us, this is just starting, the processes are just starting, and in no way, this chapter has been closed nor the issue has been concluded”, assured Vizueta.

Attorney Pedro Granja, legal representative of Bananera Noboa, took the opportunity to reiterate his request for the renunciation of the Attorney General, Galo Chiriboga, from his position, who, according to Granja, is hiding and is retaining in his possession, the original file of the legal process followed against the current and recently appointed administrator of La Clementina, Carlos Ordeñana Carrion,  accused of embezzlement.