Bananera Noboa Rejects a New Judicial Outrage

The supposed tax debt, contrived by force from a made-up assessment in the same vein as the forceful execution of the illegally initiated administrative procedure is currently IN SUSPENSION by a judicial decision that is still in full legal effect.

The first Civil Court of the Guayas Provincial Court, notwithstanding the recusal for lack of independence with regard to the executive and the subsequent lack of impartiality, resolved not to admit the requirement of the precautionary measure that had previously been admitted in the first and second instances and decided to revoke what was said not to be admitted. But for the seriousness of the matter at hand, this would appear to be worthy of caricature in a comic strip. Without shame or reservation, the executive-judicial alliance, on this occasion, has made a mockery of Justice and the Law.

Regardless of what has occurred, the judicial ruling has not been executed and the company is counting on the work days to apply the resources conferred by the special Law and the applicable supplementary norms to make evident that which we all know: A JUDICIAL RULING THAT IS NOT EXECUTED IS NOT ABLE TO BE EXECUTED!

This is but one more incident that we are going to face in the defense of the rights of the company, always within the bounds of the Law, and against the political power that enslaves our Ecuador and that, in light of the current run up to election, is aimed against Álvaro Noboa Pontón, candidate for President of the Republic.

What is executed against the Law will be invalid and will constitute a vigilante justice that will bring upon its authors, intellectuals and materials the civil, criminal and administrative sanctions that the local and international courts enforce against those who submitted to them as convicted offenders.

Guayaquil, 25 September 2012