Last reminder for Noboa Banana

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) delivered today to Noboa Banana Exporting its third and final self-assessed payment notice , which ordered the cancellation of a 85 million dollars glos for having evaded taxes in 2005.

After the ballot the taxpayer has three days to pay if not the Internal Revenue shall do a goods embargo, said a source at the institution.

But the company, owned by the Prian leader, Alvaro Noboa, refuses to be in arrears with the IRS and it is getting for a new legal action to stop the coercive process that began last Wednesday with the first notification delivery.

The legal director, Fernando Alarcón, announced that next week the banana Exporter will lodged an exception process, which according to him – suspending the coercive action. He mentioned Article214 from the Tax Code that states that “its submission will suspend the enforcement proceedings”.

Previously, the defense raised through legal and administrative actions. But these, as said by the IRS director, Carlos Marx Carrasco, do not stop the collection action.