Suspected fraud

Ecuadorians, since 1998 date that I was made an electoral fraud and that Ecuadorians took away my presidency until today, including the year 2006 where I beat the economist Rafael Correa and in the second round with the support of the FARC and the government of Venezuela they also cause according to me, I suspect electoral fraud. Now they want to do the third as follows, the Electoral Court has just declared my party Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante annulled.

We are appealing and I am sure that this will be resolved, but I want to keep you informed that you have disliked them very much and that the people have announced their sympathy for me by putting me first in all the polls; In other words, it is a fraud against the majority of Ecuadorians, throughout Ecuador, and this cannot be endured by the government, the armed forces, or the Ecuadorian people without claiming peacefully but effectively.

That is why Ecuadorians continue in the fight. I am as a patriot serving the country not for any personal interest because I am a businessman, businessman who informed you that during the coronavirus I did not fire any employee and that on the contrary we are setting up new companies at the moment in Ecuador. That we gave Kit with medicines and food to all Ecuadorians in the middle of the pandemic. That has fallen ill on the corrupt, it has fallen on those who want the power to continue doing theirs.

So Ecuadorians do not lose faith. Unite, make your peaceful protest and move on, because we have to get Ecuador out of this hell where the devil is king.

Glory to God.

Long live Ecuador, Ecuadorians.