Alvaro Noboa, leader of the Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante party, along with his wife Annabella Azín, the candidates for Legislature, the Andean Parliament and other members of the group, closed the campaign on Thursday night.

Noboa arrived at the facilities of the Sports Complex of Industrial Molinera, around 7:00 pm, and was received by hundreds of supporters who applauded and proclaimed his name. After saluting each and every one of the assistants, he went up to the stage with all the aspirants to the Legislature.
Noboa thanked each of the people who made possible the crystallization of the party, which he said is composed of people of integrity.

“After having seen so much corruption in Ecuador during the last few years and the failure to get people out of poverty, it was worth making an effort and reviving a new party in which moral and social rules and the spirit of serving Ecuador is the essence, and that is what we want. We are scared to join any other party today because there are hit men, thieves, rapists, there is everything, it is a terrible thing. Instead, we have transparent and patriot people. It does not matter if they are the poor or middle class or wealthy, but they are individuals who love Ecuador, who share that love I have felt since my childhood and that stays in my heart.”

Noboa promised that he would continue working for Ecuadorians by generating jobs and doing more social work, as he has been doing for many years with his resources and with the Cruzada Nueva Humanidad Foundation.

He added that among its goals are to eradicate drugs and poverty in the country, eliminate safeguards and taxes. Also, free access to education, to technology, preventive health plans, decent housing, and support for the agriculture, among others.
After an hour, Alvaro Noboa, accompanied by all the Legislature hopefuls, gave a final message to the audience. The businessman asked the Ecuadorians to analyze their vote and not “do not let themselves be deceived anymore.”