The SRI Cannot Forbid Alvaro Noboa to Leave the Country

The Republican Constitution of Ecuador, article 66,  establishes that: “Only a judge has the authority to forbid Alvaro Noboa, and any other residing ecuadorian,  to leave the country. The SRI has the obligation to revoke the measure immediately.” said Sylka Sanchez.

Legal Director of  Exportadora Bananera Noboa, went to the SRI offices this morning to submit an extraordinary judgement for the new official demand of payment notified by the institution, based on the defense of labor rights, which Sanchez described as a weapon, deliberately produced by Rafael Correa’s government to persecute Alvaro Noboa. “The SRI admitted its mistake and gave us the reason by annulling the official demand of payment kept for two and a half years, and now they issue a new one putting out a media show to notify us. The people responsible for this outrage will pay in a civil and criminal way.” she declared sententiously.