With God.

Ecuadorians, the press declares the assembly as the key to the next government.

I agree with the press!

The CNE (National Electoral Council) declares, without having finished counting the votes, that

economist Correa´s Nº 35 slate has 74 assembly members which is 54% of the Assembly,

therefore a majority; and that AEA, led by Alvaro Noboa has one, or perhaps, no assembly


How can this be? If Onward Ecuadorian Onward has two million affiliated members at least,

without counting independent voters, we should have 20% of the Assembly, that is 27

Assembly members.

What should economist Correa`s Nº 35 slate have? He should have 48 Assembly members

which is 35%. Somewhat less than what Lenin Moreno obtained which is 39% which is logical

because there are many independant persons who also vote for Lenin Moreno. The slate

always obtains a little less than the presidential candidate.

You should remember I beat economist Correa in the first electoral presidential round.

You should remember that the Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante political party has two million

affiliated members. It is logical these members should vote for their party. However, the only

way to resolve this matter, is by opening the ballot boxes.

We have requested The National Electoral Council to open the ballot boxes in all Provinces,

and then, we will see who is right.

So, Ecuadorian, don`t let up, because the future is in your hands.

Complain peacefully and forcefully

Onward Ecuadorian onward!!

Glory be to God!!

Long live Ecuador!!!