Alvaro Noboa speaks of “electoral inconsistency” in the Legislature results

While everyone is talking about wether there will be a second round, if there is fraudulent behavior, many important things are happening in the country.

I have been a victim of fraud since 1998 when I won the presidency and there are history books regarding this matter. Therefore I am totally opposed to fraud.

Consequently I want to throughly inform the Ecuadorian public regarding investigations I, and a team of people, have carried out these days, namely since Sunday until today Tuesday the 21st of February.

At lightning speed and while the votes are still being counted, many provinces have finished the tolling process and others are about to finish for Assembly members.

This is the Expreso publication of Tuesday February the 21st drawing a comparison between the old and the new parliament. Ours on camara corresponds to 2017.

We find ourselves just reading this part, plus the investigations we have performed, filled with many surprises, referred to nowadays as, “electoral inconsistencies”. They have assigned a cute name to it, right! I will relate those inconsistencies.

Pais and cohorts have placed 67 assembly members, which means the Nº 35 slate beat Lenin Moreno who is a good presidential candidate and conversely it was Lenin Moreno who was helping Pais or slate Nº 35 forge ahead after a brutal loss of prestige and the electoral downturn it had undergone. Uhmm! Suddenly the slate beat Lenin Moreno! It overplayed its hand! Forty eight percent and some, while Lenin is going for 38% struggling to reach 39%.

That´s where I begin… I am a man of numbers. I love numbers and God has blessed me with a very good head for numbers. Furthermore I realize that CREO and The Social Cristiano Party, percentage-wise have the same results as their leaders Guillermo Lasso in CREO and Cynthia Viteri in the Social Cristiano Party. So where did this Nº 35 wave go.

I will read you the wave.

To the following parties. Parties which had, or have obtained, as in Sociedad Patriotica´s case up to 25% of congress.

The following parties have been awarded zero assembly members, one or two but to most, its zero.

Avanza, which was a big hit in elections for mayor and prefect two years ago, obtained zero. How is that? People change parties that quickly!

Fuerza Ecuador led by Abdala Bucaram; Centro Democratico (Democratic Center) led by Jimmy Jairala; Izquierda Democratica (Democratic left) led by Paco Moncayo; AEA led by Alvaro Noboa; Movimiento Union (Ecuadorian Movement Union) led by Washington Pesantez; Fuerza Compromiso Social (Social Compromise strength) led by Ivan Espinel; Movimiento Concentracion Ciudadana (Citizens concentration movement) led by Cesar Montufar. Have you seen this list? These are almost twenty political parties! Zero for most of these parties, one for those which inspired pity and two for those who inspired more pity. There was no sense in going lower.

And I ask a high-level manager whose specialty is numbers “hey give me the Adelante, Ecuatoriano, Adelante number of votes! Which provinces turned out well and in which provinces turned out poorly? All of them turned out the same! Here is the document. Between one and two percent have been rounded out in all of them!

As we go to The Social Cristiano Party which has behaved as any party I have previously led, there are provinces like Galapagos with 25%, provinces like Santa Elena with 1%; and provinces like Azuay which have 5.79%. This is how Ecuadorians always behave. There, that´s nothing new. There are provinces which give The Social Cristiano Party a 6.55% result like Imbabura.

But it seems our party Adelante, Ecuatoriano, Adelante (Onward Ecuador Onward) with two million affiliated members which is about 20% of valid votes, had they voted, were diminished from twenty to one and a half to two percent. How did they do this? Who did this? I don´t know.

But we will take measures in this regard because it is common knowledge that the president, as well as Congress and the Supreme Court are the three most powerful forces in the country. In the political field, be it the executive or president; in the political sphere in the Assembly; and in the judicial area, the Supreme Court.

Hence, twenty political parties will go to zero and Nº 35 to 48% in a heartbeat. But I have further news for you: He beat Lenin Moreno! What strong assembly members. What popularity! After being on the ground with everyone yelling “out, out, out”! During the entire campaign. Good!

I also want to say that in the AEA case I had two minor exceptions. In one case district # 4 has 4% instead of 2% and in Carchi it also has 4% instead of 2%.

That is what I wanted to tell you citizens. That which is an absurdity is called “inconsistency”. It is Frankestein not an inconsistency! Because to have come down from 20% of affiliated members in AEA of all valid national votes to one and a half or 2% is a Frankestein freak, not an inconsistency, and this, they have inflicted, to a lesser degree, on almost twenty political parties.

Conversely, Nº 35 rose upwards to almost 50% of congress with two or three allies, two or three assembly members who make up a majority.

I am against fraud. I think all political parties should send their delegates to investigate what I am denouncing and the Ecuadorian people should concentrate in Quito. Everything happens in Quito, don´t kid yourselves! One hundred thousand or fifty thousand should congregate peacefully and reject these results as well as those of the first presidential round and those corresponding to Assembly members because, once again I tell you, they have stripped the people of Ecuador of the power they are entitled to.

These people should remain in Quito peacefully complaing with no time limit until this, which I suspect is fraud, is resolved.

Forget about wether it is carnival or not because we are talking about the country which is well worth any sacrifice. You have to continue protesting during carnival.

Very well Ecuadorians, thanks for listening to me.

Glory be to God!

Long Live Ecuador!