Inhabitants of Guayaquil call for urgent help to Alvaro Noboa and his candidates for legislators
On the weekend, the leader of the Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante Party, Alvaro Noboa, accompanied by the candidates of districts 1 and 2, visited several sectors of the city of Guayaquil (38 y Portete, García Goyena, Entrada de la 8, Nueva Prosperina, El Fortín). They announced the work plan they will develop upon their arrival at the Legislative House.
On Friday, January 13, Noboa toured the Portete Street along with Edder Calderón, District 1 candidate, and other members of the party. Francisco Valencia, the owner of a small restaurant, claimed for more jobs for the Ecuadorians while noting that he will not vote for Lenin Moreno, since he is “the candidate of continuity.”
Some blocks apart, in the Garcia Goyena street, they talked with Jorge Lozano, a microentrepreneur who asked for more job opportunities and loan facilities for businesses. He also requested the repeal of the drug consumption chart and the Communication Law.
“Honestly people of this area will not vote for Lenin but Lasso. We have to be honest. In fact, we will vote for Lasso as president and you as assembly members,” said one of the residents.
In the Bolivia Street Yury Arévalo, a cabinetmaker, called for a change for the country’s economy, as he says that because of the crisis and unemployment, the demand for his products has decreased, in addition to the high cost of the family basket, the government’s corruption, and micro-trafficking.

The next day, the AEA leader, along with the candidates from District 2, led by Sofía Caiche, was in the well-known Entrada de la 8 sector, where the owners of commercial premises, informal merchants and residents were excited to see them. There, Alvaro Noboa did not miss the opportunity to do the shopping and bought some fish.

Once they had arrived in Nueva Prosperina, Norma Chancay and Jonathan Lucas invited the leader of the party to the warmth of their home to tell him and his team what they expect from them. They also revealed the abandonment of the current government. “We want the best for Ecuadorians, especially for those who live in Voluntad de Dios, Nueva Prosperina, and Sergio Toral that do not have clean water and paved roads,” said Jonathan Lucas.

For his part, the party leader promised that upon arriving at the Assembly the candidates would work on laws that help improve the quality of life of Ecuadorians. “From February 19, all those who are chosen from our party will work so that these municipalities receive the funds necessary to have clean water, electricity, and paved streets. We want that these inhabitants stop living in a state of misery, and have decent houses as they live in cane houses. And finally they could have better salaries and employment,” said Noboa.
During the tour in El Fortín, the leader of the group was intercepted by Micaela Mendoza, a 16-year-old young mother, who asked the businessman to be their spokesperson. So did Noboa, who asked the future president to help the young mothers who need to build a future.

Meanwhile, Sonia Carmen, in representation of Guerreros del Fortin, said she feels defrauded by the current government and asked to be heard. “Access roads are in severe conditions; we go through hardships during the winters. If you delve into the depths of this neighborhood you will see poverty; I would ask you not to forget us, we are practically abandoned because so little has been done for the progress of the entire northern population. Help the poor; we need you.”

“We will work hard in the Assembly, we want that there are no more houses made of cardboard or cane, but cement houses like this house. We want free education for all young Ecuadorians, and after they finish their university or technical education they can get a job; We do not want more corruption or more drugs,” said Noboa, who made a commitment to the citizens and the country to serve them.
“Thank you and help us to get ahead, to get out of poverty, to get out of mediocrity. I will support them to fight for our country, good luck, and may God help you because if you win, we all win, and Ecuador will progress,” Sonia Carmen concluded.